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#1 - Tourism and Global Consciousness

  1. Lew, Alan A. (2020). Global conscious as a path to sustainable tourism: A perspective paper. Tourism Review, 75, (forthcoming) (pre-publication)

  2. Lew, A.A. (2018). Why Travel? – Travel, Tourism and Global Consciousness. Tourism Geographies 20(4): 742-749. DOI: 10.1080/14616688.2018.1490343

  3. Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Resilience and the Search for the Holy(stic) Grail (Presentation, 24 January 2019) (a video of this presentation starts at exactly 35 minutes into a recording available here.)

  4. How to Create a Better Post-COVID-19 World. Medium blog, March 16, 2020

  5. The Global Transformation of 2020 is All About Overcoming ‘Othering'. Medium blog, June 13, 2020

#2 - Tourism and Placemaking

#3 - Tourism and Resilience

  1. Lew, A.A., Ni, Chin-Cheng; Wu, Tsung-Chiung, and Ng, Pin T. (2018). The Sustainable and Resilient Community: A new paradigm for community development. In A.A. Lew & Joseph Cheer, eds., Understanding Tourism Resilience: Adapting to Environmental Change, pp. 30-47. London: Routledge.​

  2. Tourism Place Making as Community Resilience (Presentation, 2 August 2018)